February 24, 2012

Birthday and National/Liberation Day Weekend! :D

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Now that’s a long title! hehe but pretty much sums up this time of year! We love it because we get to celebrate my mother’s birthday (tomorrow on Kuwait’s national day Feb 25) and then my husband’s birthday is on Feb 26 (Kuwait’s liberation day). For my husband’s birthday I knew exactly how I wanted to celebrate it, I had an idea in mind and contacted Bakerista_q8 for it. I mentioned her cakes before, she made the Angry Birds birthday cake for my nephew, and the Harajuku Lovers cake for my sister’s birthday. This time around, I asked her to make a cake shaped like a rice pot filled with rice and prawns (my husband’s duwaniya’s go-to dish apparently) and since I’ve seen her awesome work with the cake pops, I asked her to personalize the cake pops to look like my husband’s friends who usually get together at his “duwaniya”. The cake looked amazing, I can’t believe the ladle on the cake is edible! I’m not a big fan of inedible things on dessert, so its amazing what she did!

Birthday cake + personalized cakepops

Love her work, and the effort she put into it, I love how I can just send her an email with a picture of what I have in mind and she turns it into cake! haha

Customized birthday cake

Thank you so much for this wonderful creation, we loved it!

As for mama’s birthday, we celebrated it today (since its our family gathering) I was there in spirit and on skype! It was nice, the sugar and spice cake looked amazing! Happy birthday mama :** love you *hug* (since you have an ipad now, I’m assuming you’ll subscribe to my blog!!!)

Mama's bday cake from Sugar and Spice (thanks bro for the pics :P)

Mom's bday gift (iPad and Kate Spade iPad cover)

and to everyone else, happy national and liberation day (Feb 25-26) enjoy the rest of the weekend and please stay safe!


Sara D.

Bakerista phone: 65155099

Email: bakeristaq8@gmail.com

Twitter: Bakerista_q8

February 12, 2012

Valentines @ Lenotre

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Every season Lenotre creates a special cake to complete your celebrations, I have to admit their cakes are usually amazing (we got the gold one for mom’s birthday last year, which also happens to be Kuwait’s national day, and it was beautiful :)). For this valentines their cake consists of soft chocolate cake flavor, and will be available from February 14th till 15th 2012 with the price of KD20.

Lenotre's Valentine chocolate cake

For more, call 1805050 Ext 28
MMC: http://mmckuwait.com/


Sara D.

February 5, 2012

Valentine Treats by JenJen’s Cookies

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JenJen’s Cookies is introducing the latest Valentine treats, the sugar cookies are amazing and I cannot get over how amazing they look! By far the best sugar cookies I have had, and they are handmade and hand decorated! To place an order, please contact them 3 days ahead.

One dozen heart shaped valentines vanilla cookies, 12 k.d place order 3 days in-advance.

Luv the strawberry dipped chocolate cookie!

One dozen heart shaped cookies = 12 k.d place order 3 days in-advance.

Order your Valentines Day cookies today on : 97676536

JenJens Cookies’ Website

Facebook group: JenJen’s Cookies

Email: jenjenscookies@hotmail.com

Phone: 97676536


Sara D.

February 4, 2012

Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life‏

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Baby Fahad

I am posting this in hope that Fahad’s case will touch a generous person’s heart and help this little boy out. Here is his case, as received from danderma:

“His mother is a Kuwaiti and his father is a Syrian. He has lukemia,and needs bone marrow transplant to live but non of his family members are matches to donate to him so they found him a donor in India but they need a sponsor to donate 37 thousand KDs so he can have it.

Please spread the word. Even if you don’t want to post about him just retweet or repost on Facebook or Instagram. Your help can give this adorable baby a chance at having a healthy life insha2 Allah.”
So basically, they already have a donor, all they need is a sponsor to help them finance the medical procedures. Please spread the word, and lets hope someone will adopt his case and help save this boy’s life.
For more information please contact: email : Q8Rain@gmail.com –  Twitter: @Q8Rain
Sara D.

January 7, 2012

Married Women’s Right to a Passport

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My passport expires within the coming months and I had to renew it, my father explained to me that now that I am married my husband has to go and reissue one on my behalf?! Which I thought was absurd and insulting on so many levels, especially since I do most of my traveling without him to begin with!! I am 29 years old, a graduate student and a wife, and I still cannot issue my own passport to travel?! What kind of law is that? Are they afraid we might leave and never come back?! And what if we do?! Are we slaves to our husbands that we do not have the choice to travel, or leave? Oh wait, I forgot we do not have brains to think that is why a man has to make the decision for us.

I cannot believe that it is 2012 and I am writing this post, I thought women’s lib is something of the past, why are women in the Arab world still fighting for their basic RIGHTS!! The right to drive, the right to travel! Yes, not being able to travel is just as bad as not being able to drive, so Kuwaiti men stop pointing fingers at your Saudi brothers and look at your own laws that prevent your sisters and wives from issuing their own documents after they are married. The funny thing is, my husband had to go to work late that day and put up with his angry boss just so he can finish all that is required to issue the passport, while I slept through because I had nothing to do as a student on a break!

Ok, you are probably thinking but Sara…yes there is a but! Just as I was about to start a petition to call to change this law I did some google searching to find this link to an article that states that we, in fact, had won the rights to obtain our passports without our husband’s consent…get this dated 2009!!! Then why is that law not implemented yet?! What is wrong with us? Why issue all these laws and just forget about them! The next time I issue my passport, I will be doing it on my own, and if anyone says no I will have clear documents that says I have the right to do so!


Sara D.

December 29, 2011

NYC Streets During Christmas 2011

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5th Avenue 2011

henri bendel window display 2011

Inside henri bendel 2011

Tiffany & Co. NYC 2011

Bergdorf's Marchesa Display 2011

The Gaga Workshop at Barney's

The Gaga workshop

Inside the gaga workshop

Pearl cup with a fake diamond cup (the Gaga Workshop)

NYC streets with the huge snow flake 2011

Tiffany & co store front NYC 2011

The lit tree @ Rockefeller

The tree @ rockefeller 2011

Festive gigantic lights NYC 2011

Magnolia cupcakes with the Rockettes theme

Huge ornaments NYC 2011

Inside Radio City, crystal christmas tree 2011 the tree was designed by Thom Filicia

Spent one night in NYC, we managed to visit the Gaga Workshop at Barney’s it was ok, no long lines in case you plan on visiting. The place is not really that great, unless you are a huge Gaga fan. We then went to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, not before passing by Magnolia Bakery n having a Rockette’s theme cupcake! Love how stores support NYC monuments and shows!

Anyway, just want to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! Hope 2012 is a great year for everyone :*


Sara D.

November 18, 2011

Digumz Celebrates UN Universal Children’s Day!

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Digumz Celebrates UN Children's Day with KACCH

I am very proud of Digumz, and not because my husband is behind it hehe I am proud because it has not been a year since its launch date and Digumz is already contributing to society and giving back, and I hope you would participate and make this day memorable for these kids.

Here is how, November 20this UN Universal Children’s day, and digumzstore.com will donate 10% of any item purchased by customers on November 20th 2011 to Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH), digumzstore.com will also donate two xbox 360 and Kinect consoles to the hospital.

Digumz is also asking customers to donate used (but in good condition) video games for Ps3 and xbox 360 to be donated to KACCH. Digumz will be collecting these games starting from November 20th until November 26th 2011. You can drop off the games you would like to donate to the address below:

Digumz at Omniya Mall

Address to drop games:


Salmiya, Omniya mall (ibis hotel)

Salem Mubarak St

Floor M2, tel:25733040

Underground parking is available.

Please make sure that the contents of the games donated are suitable for kids and do not contain any violent images. For more information you can follow this link

Digumz Facebook page

Follow Digumz on Twitter


Sara D.

October 24, 2011

Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards

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I was at Rodeo Drive yesterday and noticed that they had trucks and catering working all day for the “Walk of Style” event that would take place later that day, so of course we hung out until all the stars came to honor Iman the super model and Missoni, most members of the Missoni family were present, along with many celebs and people in the fashion industry.
There was a silent auction for the “save the children” foundation, I noticed that most stores on Rodeo Drive had donated items from their brands for the auction, including a Matinee Kimono from Agent Provocateur and a red bag from Bally etc.

The seats were all covered in Missoni’s colorful cushions and many of the celebs who attended the event were dressed in Missoni as well. I will leave you with the pictures I managed to take of the event:

Rodeo Drive

Catering for the "Walk of Style" event

The area where the celebs will lounge

The area where the celebs will lounge

The press waiting at the "pink" carpet

Mena Suvari, from "American Beauty" & "American Pie"

The press crowding the pink carpet

Iman sans David Bowie 😦

Iman at the Walk of Style event

Rachel Zoe, she's soo tiny!

Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria's Secret "angels" model)

Rachel Zoe with husband

Rachel with Margherita Missoni

Nicky Hilton at the Walk of Style Awards

Sofia Vergara in Missoni (from Modern Family)

The Missoni family (Ottavio and Rosita Missoni and their kids)

Paris and Nicky Hilton's parents were present as well

Paris Hilton's mom at the Walk of Style Awards

Well, that is pretty much it, again sorry for the lack of details hope the pictures does the event some justice, it was a nice event for those interested in fashion it was nice to be present at such an event (even if standing on the sidelines lol) but was fun nonetheless.


Sara D.

October 5, 2011

A Child in Need of Help: Abdulkareem

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I received this email from Danderma it is about a boy fighting cancer, and I swear when I was trying to narrate the story of his situation to my mom I began to cry it is so heart breaking to hear that children have to face such hardship and pain at such a young age, he is in need of help to, his family are not able to finance the surgeries. I noticed that all bloggers blogged about his situation but I do not know if they found a solution, I think it would even help if each person donates the amount they can to help pay for his medical bills.

Here is the email I received from her:

Last Monday when the bloggers went to NBK’s Cancer hospital for the Kids Cancer Party, there was a little brave and smiling boy called AbdulKareem. He has cancer in his leg that is spreading to his body and his only chance of survival is to have his leg cut off or has a knee replacement surgery.
Knee replacement surgery is not available in Kuwait but its available in Jordan and costs 30,000 KD. The boy is not Kuwaiti and his family doesn’t have that money. He has no time as his leg cutting operation is scheduled for next week.
If you can post about his case asking someone, a company or any one who is willing to help him out, maybe someone will come forwards and help save his leg. Its the least we can do for this little boy.
I have already posted about him this morning. The picture I took is from 7aji Dude’s post with Dudette’s permission. Here is the link
Please spread the word, and lets hope we can come up with the amount in time, allah ysaber ahala inshalla oo yshafee, I can’t imagine what his parents are going through right now, God bless them all.
Sara D.

September 11, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Gold Lame Dress

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If you are a big fan of this vivacious bombshell and the gold lame dress she wore, you might be interested in this Carmen Marc Valvo version which highlights the glamor of old Hollywood. It is available at Bergdorfs for $1190.

Here is a video of William Travilla who worked with Marilyn in designing several of her famous outfits, talking about his relationship with her.


Sara D.

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