August 31, 2012

Updated Review on Shea Terra Organics

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Ghassool L’Eau De Rose Purifying Paste: this product smells great, and really feels great after using,. It does tend to be a bit drying so if you have naturally dry skin I wouldn’t recommend using it. The only CON is that it is so MESSY! When it is time to wash off, it leaves residue all over the sink or tub, so only use it if you plan on cleaning the bathroom after.


Ghassool L’eau De Fleur D’Oranger Purifying Paste: the same comments above, smells great too!


Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Wash and Mask: This is the star product, I absolutely love it! It does make the skin extra smooth and nice, I did not find it harsh on the skin at all, and I have very sensitive skin. Although, my sister just informed me that it was really drying, she also said that she could not stand the smell. I do not have a problem with the smell, I think it smells natural, but I guess that just depends on how sensitive your senses are 😉


Orange Blossom Pure Distillate Water: I use this all the time, it is very refreshing. I cannot say if it has done anything different to my skin, but I love the feel of it after washing up.


Moroccan Rose Water: Same remarks as the one above, they both smell great!


BANANAS & BAOBABS Organic Shea Butter & Fair Trade Sugar Scrub: I did not find this scrub any different than any scrubs I have used, it does it’s job and if you prefer natural products this obviously is better, but if you do not care then you are not missing out.

Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Scrub: I did not use this product, I actually brought this for my mom and I did not ask her if she liked it or not.


Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Crème: Not my favorite hand cream, the texture is very thick and hard to spread.



Sara D.

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