June 9, 2012

Summer French Tips

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:26 PM by inspirationsbysd

If you are following me on twitter you probably saw me posting about my manicure. I am loving the colors, especially for the summer, I initially chose the mossy green color, I think it was Essie in “Navigate her”, and then decided to add the gold tips to add a fun twist to my manicure. The end result reminded me of Laduree’s colors hehe the gold tips were also a color from Essie but I do not have the name for it since it was an after thought and the lady went to search for gold nail polish when I asked.

What’s your summer color? πŸ™‚


Sara D.



  1. ansam518 said,

    I love french for summer… I have essie’s escapades on now and I love it (orangish red). For red I would go with forever young! I am a bit hesitant to go with crazy colors, lol can you believe this?

    • hehe for some reason, when it comes to my tips I don’t mind if they even match my toes ..I love trying out new colors. I was never into minx or any of that though…I LOVE orangish red, actually all shades of red

  2. Anwar said,

    Hi Sara Kenny m3ay bel Kuniv I wish u the best of luck.

    • Hi Anwar, how interesting! I miss KU days wallah πŸ™‚ were you English Lit too? Nice to hear from you, and thank you best of luck to you too :))

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