April 11, 2012

Shea Terra Organics

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On my never-ending quest for the best “healthy” beauty products, I came across some great brands that I continue to repurchase, and others that were just eh. I will list some of the brands that I love and are considered “natural” or free of harsh chemicals at the end of the post, but before I do that I want to talk about, what I believe is my holy grail of natural beauty products! I recently discovered this brand, although Shea Terra Organics have been in the market since 1998 I believe, and apparently Angelina Jolie is a fan too!

What makes this brand better than anything else I have tried? First of, they use natural products found in Africa, and most, as a Middle Eastern woman, I am familiar with and love. Most products contain Shea butter, Moroccan roses, orange blossoms, and all the yummy good stuff that I oh so love! The woman behind the brand, Tammie Umbel, is remarkable herself, she is a mother of 12 kids as well as the founder of this amazing brand! Wow and I thought I had my hands full hehe

Even though I have never tried this brand prior to this order, I knew it would be good and ended up purchasing 9 items at one go! I noticed that amazon.com sells them as well, and I read in one of the reviews that ordering them from amazon.com would be better, because of the slow customer service from the actual website. I did, however, order from their website because of the 30% coupon code I had, as well as free shipping! I decided its worth the risk hehe my order total was $170 but with the coupon it came down to $119 which I thought was great, and I was surprised that the products shipped on the same day I placed the order, and two days later they were outside my doorstep!

The quality of the product is amazing, although I still did not try them enough to give a full review, but the texture of most of the products I purchase is rich and smells luxuriant and heavenly. Here is a list of what I purchased:

Ghassool L’Eau De Rose Purifying Paste: “100% Natural. Purify your skin for an incredibly healthy glow using ancient lava clay from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.”

Ghassool L’eau De Fleur D’Oranger Purifying Paste: “100% Natural. Purify your skin for an incredibly healthy glow using ancient lava clay from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.”

Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Wash and Mask: “100% Natural. Discover why YouTube and Facebook fans RAVE about this face wash. The world’s most effective, amazing face wash! Based on an ancient African formula, using REAL African Black Soap, this wash works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin, even skin tone, firm skin and fight acne. Look younger in just minutes of use. South African Rose Hips Oil makes calms skin and works wonders on maturing skin.”

Orange Blossom Pure Distillate Water: “100% Natural. Delicate orange blossom water to tone oily to normal and acne prone skin. Excellent addition to face masks.”

Moroccan Rose Water: “100% Natural. Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose-water. Add to your favorite masks for added anti-aging benefits.” (note: i got two of these, one for my mom and one for myself I’m sure she’d appreciate it too. We love anything and everything that is floral and this is very gentle you can even use it on your eyes!)

BANANAS & BAOBABS Organic Shea Butter & Fair Trade Sugar Scrub: “Description 99.7% Natural. Say good-bye to dull skin as you buff away dead cells to reveal the younger, fresher looking you. Rare shea nilotica shea butter combines with Fair Trade Malawi cane sugar and skin softening Somalian qasil for a one of a kind treat. Bananas and baobabs, oh my! Naturally fragrant, sweet banana extract combines with skin softening baobab oil.”

Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Scrub:Description 99.7% Natural. Volcanic stone creates super smooth hands. Morocco’s silky rose-water and organic shea butter soften them for hours of protection, leaving hands looking younger than ever.

Rose Water Shea Butter Hand Creme:Description 99.7% Natural. It’s time for hand renewal with time-tested, ancient ingredients. Hydrate hands to make them look younger and silky as rose petals with Moroccan rose-water. Soften and heal hands with 30% organic shea butter.”

I also received three samples in my package, which are:
Moroccan Argan Oil: I have used Argan Oil by Josie Maran and love it
Ghosool Hair and Body: a natural soap bar that works both as shampoo and body wash (correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds similar to the natural soaps found in Kuwait sabon ragee? Hope I spelled that ok lol)
Night Nourishment: this sample is also oil based, I will give all three samples a try.
Here are the other brands that I love:
Caudalie: “Caudalie is the first beauty company to use (and patent) stabilized grape seed polyphenols in skincare and steers clear of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, and artificial colorings to protect your skin and the environment. Balancing science and nature with a touch of luxury”
Jurlique: “Jurlique believes that beauty comes from beauty. Simply put, beauty is not processed. It’s not made in a lab. It’s grown, cultivated, and cared for passionately. It’s not artificial and it’s as real as our very own bodies and skin.”
Josie Maran: “A homegrown organic beauty expert”
Burt’s bees: I have also tried their new line, GUD, I prefer Burt’s Bees though. GUD had a strong artificial smell in their products (smelled like perfume!).
I may give a detailed review on the products I have mentioned above, once I really find out what I think of them based on several uses. Let me know if you have tried this brand before? Or what is your favorite beauty product?
Sara D.


  1. wow. I’ve heard about this brand but was never tempted to try it till I read your post! thanks for all the details they truly seem gorgeous xx

    • Yea, it is worth it, not all the products were amazing but the majority felt and smelt great! 🙂

  2. Hajer said,

    We would you please write a review on your experience with the products ?

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