March 27, 2012

New Orleans, LA

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Hello, Spring Break is over, and we are back to school. Even though it was a short break, it was fun nonetheless. My cousin and I went to New Orleans, LA for the weekend and it was the first time for the both of us. If you grew up reading Virginia Andrews (fess up, no shame in it :P) then you’ll understand my fascination with New Orleans. The Landry series took place in New Orleans, a place thriving with culture, history and mystery (ooh I rhyme :P). We were not disappointed at all, I am madly in love with New Orleans and look forward to my next visit and hope the next one will be longer, there is so much to do there. We pretty much managed to do it all though, from museums; psychic readings (just for fun, they just make things up and you go along with them :P); voodoo shops; ghost tours; and just roaming the beautiful streets! I’ll leave you with the pictures 🙂

New Orleans

Bands playing music outside hotel, NOLA

Streets of New Orleans, LA

A band with a mini parade for a bride and groom on a horse carriage

The beautiful St. Louis Cathedral overlooking Jackson Square

Inside the Saint Louis Cathedral ...erm ur not supposed to take pics

Fats Domino's piano after hurricane Katrina (at the Presbytere museum)

One of the locals, thinking he won't survive the hurricane wrote down his name, blood type etc on his jeans so that people can identify him. Fortunately he made it (Presbytere Museum)

The boat that saved lives during the hurricane that hit New Orleans in 2005

The French Quarters, New Orleans

I believe this is the statue of Jesus casting a shadow on St. Louis Cathedral and overlooking Bourbon St.

New Orleans reminded me of Europe so much, especially the strong contrast between religion and worldly pleasures. You have the cathedral which is the center of everything and then right next to it are the bars, and clubs. It doesn’t make sense, but somehow works. Of course we tried the beignets at cafe du monde, as much as I loved the feel of dining alfresco, the beignets were over hyped, too doughy for my likening but I would still hang out at Cafe Du Monde just for their location and great vibe.Over all New Orleans was just as I expected and more! Highly recommend it 🙂


Sara D.

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