February 24, 2012

Birthday and National/Liberation Day Weekend! :D

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Now that’s a long title! hehe but pretty much sums up this time of year! We love it because we get to celebrate my mother’s birthday (tomorrow on Kuwait’s national day Feb 25) and then my husband’s birthday is on Feb 26 (Kuwait’s liberation day). For my husband’s birthday I knew exactly how I wanted to celebrate it, I had an idea in mind and contacted Bakerista_q8 for it. I mentioned her cakes before, she made the Angry Birds birthday cake for my nephew, and the Harajuku Lovers cake for my sister’s birthday. This time around, I asked her to make a cake shaped like a rice pot filled with rice and prawns (my husband’s duwaniya’s go-to dish apparently) and since I’ve seen her awesome work with the cake pops, I asked her to personalize the cake pops to look like my husband’s friends who usually get together at his “duwaniya”. The cake looked amazing, I can’t believe the ladle on the cake is edible! I’m not a big fan of inedible things on dessert, so its amazing what she did!

Birthday cake + personalized cakepops

Love her work, and the effort she put into it, I love how I can just send her an email with a picture of what I have in mind and she turns it into cake! haha

Customized birthday cake

Thank you so much for this wonderful creation, we loved it!

As for mama’s birthday, we celebrated it today (since its our family gathering) I was there in spirit and on skype! It was nice, the sugar and spice cake looked amazing! Happy birthday mama :** love you *hug* (since you have an ipad now, I’m assuming you’ll subscribe to my blog!!!)

Mama's bday cake from Sugar and Spice (thanks bro for the pics :P)

Mom's bday gift (iPad and Kate Spade iPad cover)

and to everyone else, happy national and liberation day (Feb 25-26) enjoy the rest of the weekend and please stay safe!


Sara D.

Bakerista phone: 65155099

Email: bakeristaq8@gmail.com

Twitter: Bakerista_q8


  1. Maram said,

    Ver nice cake love the pot nd the little shrimps πŸ™‚ happy bday to ur loved ones and enjoy the holidays :**

  2. Danderma said,

    Happy birthday to your mama and your husband!
    My husband’s birthday was on the 23rd and I so wanted a cake like that for him bs 3anad o gal no cake y3ni no cake. He wants me to bake it for some reason!!! Insha2 Allah next year etha Allah 3a6ana 3omor he would have changed his mind and I would “order” him a proper cake!

    • hehe at least he asks for cake! My husband doesn’t care for them…but I make it a point to get one whether he likes it or not πŸ˜› happy waaay belated birthday to him πŸ™‚

  3. Danderma said,

    ooh I forgot to say excellent cake masha2 Allah and what a great idea to have his dewaniya buddies faces in cake pops :p Kudos on the idea!

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