February 4, 2012

Help Save Baby Fahad’s Life‏

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Baby Fahad

I am posting this in hope that Fahad’s case will touch a generous person’s heart and help this little boy out. Here is his case, as received from danderma:

“His mother is a Kuwaiti and his father is a Syrian. He has lukemia,and needs bone marrow transplant to live but non of his family members are matches to donate to him so they found him a donor in India but they need a sponsor to donate 37 thousand KDs so he can have it.

Please spread the word. Even if you don’t want to post about him just retweet or repost on Facebook or Instagram. Your help can give this adorable baby a chance at having a healthy life insha2 Allah.”
So basically, they already have a donor, all they need is a sponsor to help them finance the medical procedures. Please spread the word, and lets hope someone will adopt his case and help save this boy’s life.
For more information please contact: email : Q8Rain@gmail.com –  Twitter: @Q8Rain
Sara D.

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