December 29, 2011

NYC Streets During Christmas 2011

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5th Avenue 2011

henri bendel window display 2011

Inside henri bendel 2011

Tiffany & Co. NYC 2011

Bergdorf's Marchesa Display 2011

The Gaga Workshop at Barney's

The Gaga workshop

Inside the gaga workshop

Pearl cup with a fake diamond cup (the Gaga Workshop)

NYC streets with the huge snow flake 2011

Tiffany & co store front NYC 2011

The lit tree @ Rockefeller

The tree @ rockefeller 2011

Festive gigantic lights NYC 2011

Magnolia cupcakes with the Rockettes theme

Huge ornaments NYC 2011

Inside Radio City, crystal christmas tree 2011 the tree was designed by Thom Filicia

Spent one night in NYC, we managed to visit the Gaga Workshop at Barney’s it was ok, no long lines in case you plan on visiting. The place is not really that great, unless you are a huge Gaga fan. We then went to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City, not before passing by Magnolia Bakery n having a Rockette’s theme cupcake! Love how stores support NYC monuments and shows!

Anyway, just want to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year! Hope 2012 is a great year for everyone :*


Sara D.

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