October 5, 2011

A Child in Need of Help: Abdulkareem

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I received this email from Danderma it is about a boy fighting cancer, and I swear when I was trying to narrate the story of his situation to my mom I began to cry it is so heart breaking to hear that children have to face such hardship and pain at such a young age, he is in need of help to, his family are not able to finance the surgeries. I noticed that all bloggers blogged about his situation but I do not know if they found a solution, I think it would even help if each person donates the amount they can to help pay for his medical bills.

Here is the email I received from her:

Last Monday when the bloggers went to NBK’s Cancer hospital for the Kids Cancer Party, there was a little brave and smiling boy called AbdulKareem. He has cancer in his leg that is spreading to his body and his only chance of survival is to have his leg cut off or has a knee replacement surgery.
Knee replacement surgery is not available in Kuwait but its available in Jordan and costs 30,000 KD. The boy is not Kuwaiti and his family doesn’t have that money. He has no time as his leg cutting operation is scheduled for next week.
If you can post about his case asking someone, a company or any one who is willing to help him out, maybe someone will come forwards and help save his leg. Its the least we can do for this little boy.
I have already posted about him this morning. The picture I took is from 7aji Dude’s post with Dudette’s permission. Here is the link
Please spread the word, and lets hope we can come up with the amount in time, allah ysaber ahala inshalla oo yshafee, I can’t imagine what his parents are going through right now, God bless them all.
Sara D.


  1. Toomzie said,

    Glad it worked out for him 🙂

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