August 20, 2011

Kim K’s Cake From Hansen’s Cakes

Posted in Celebrity Wedding, Wedding dress at 11:55 PM by inspirationsbysd

Whether you dislike her, adore her or whatever sick feeling you have for her 😛 its hard to avoid talking about Kim Kardashian these days, especially since her wedding took place today (and will air on E! October 9th and 10th 2011). People are obsessing over the dress (honestly can’t wait to see the dress) and everything else about the wedding, and apparently if you tuned in to Khloe’s wedding you may not miss much with this one! Kim chose the same designer for her wedding invites as her sister Khloe, as well as her wedding dress and went to the same bakery for her wedding cake!

The wedding cake was from Hansen’s cakes in California, no picture of the cake yet but it seems like they went with a ten tier cake .

Here are some cakes by Hansen’s cakes, moo chna Opera sheghulhum a7la?



Sara D.


  1. Om Pingu said,

    Frm the cakes I’ve seen (and my own horrendous nightmare of a wedding cake) Opera and this bakery nafs el mestawa. No way Opera is better :p yes I’m still upset after 9years! LOL I dun get why we have to wait 2 months to see the dumb wedding? By that time they might be divorced!all in all I wish them happiness…shows don’t it?

    • Om Pingu: lol 7aram u’ll never get over it ha? lol we do have bad luck with cakes 😛

  2. Marwa said,

    hmmm yaah shaklhom 3adeee !!! i can`t wait bashoof shbtswee bl wedding 😛

    • Marwa: it turned out really nice 🙂 but not amazing …nothing special about her wedding, kind of a disappointment :/

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