August 9, 2011

Digumz Party!

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I posted yesterday about my nephew’s birthday gaming theme birthday, we had the Angry birds birthday cake and Digumz Party set up 3 xboxs and Kinect and yes I am one of those who would normally be against kids spending endless hours face stuck to the screen instead of playing outdoors (like we did when we were kids) but honestly, with this weather…it was SUPER fun to have the kinect connected to a huge screen and Digumz Party supplied us with several games for xbox kinect and the kids went wild. Our favorite was Dance Central which got the kids moving and occupied (ok, some of the kids did not get the game, but didn’t stop them from dancing to the beats and following the moves on the HUGE screen :p).

The adults joined in too (including myself lol we danced to Soulja Boy and had endless laughs at the moves :P). Digumz Party basically allows you to rent out the game consoles (xbox etc), tv screens, even a projector (for a wider bigger screen which is perfect for Kinect games) and basically everything that is required to create a LAN gaming party, the gamers can play against each other at the party which provides them with a unique gaming experience, perfect for birthday parties (on hot summer days) duwaniyas, weekend gatherings and sleep overs!

The kids dancing to Dance Central on xbox Kinect

Dance Central on a wide-screen

You basically provide the cake Digumz Party will provide the fun 😛

Digumz Party offering a LAN gaming experience

Happy Bday Yousef :**

Enjoying xbox Kinect games

Note: Digumz Party is part of located in Omniya Mall (Ibis Hotel) in Salmiya. Cantact info: 25733040, facebook page Twitter @ Digumz


Sara D.




  1. Madame C said,

    What a nice idea!
    I think this Digumz kinect thing would also be good for a teenager’s birthday or even a gathering of girls. For once we would be moving instead of eating!

    • Madame C: yea I know…a fun workout…was thinking we need to get Zumba on this thing 😛

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