July 29, 2011

Ramadan at Lenôtre

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Ah the season of giving, family gatherings, fasting and food is upon us! What better way to celebrate the arrival of this Holy month than having “graish” with friends and family? Lenôtre has planned a menu for graish this Saturday and Sunday – July 30th-31st for lunch and breakfast. They will also be opening the restaurant for Futoor this year, the menu will include soups, salads and dishes specifically made for the month of Ramadan.

The desserts look amazing! And love the dishes they are using

Graish at Lenotre

Lenotre catering for Ramadan Iftar/Ghabga/Suhoor buffets

Lenotre Iftar

For reservation and inquiries, call Lenôtre at 1805050 Ext. 25

Enjoy! And Mubarak 3alaikum alshahar everyone :*


Sara D.


  1. Madame C said,

    I love Le Notre. I love the food, the architecture and the sea view. It is supposed to be one of the best restaurant/coffee shops in Kuwait and I don’t mind their prices. So it comes as a great big shock that some of it’s staff lack the training in food allergies.. Basic things like bread is made out of flour (I have celiac disease so cannot have flour and informed them about this & yet they served me an appetizer with bread in it). What if someone had a nut allergy andthey served them food contaminated with nuts! This could be fatal. This is a commet to all Kuwaiti restaurant owners & chefs, they need to realize that it’s the 21st century. It’s not enough for restaurant to look good and the food to taste good, u must make sure about the safety of your diners and train all your staff, from waiters to the chef, about food allergies and cross contamination.

    • Madame C: I agree, although I do not have any allergies, I am a vegetarian and there are restaurants where I cannot dine simply because all the dishes contain meat. So I know how it feels to be limited and unable to dine at your favorite restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised when we informed the people at (The Crystal Room) in Paris that I am a vegetarian (the menu had nothing to offer vegetarians, they informed us the chef will create a dish off the menu for me! That was really nice of them (although we did not end up eating there…long story) but still was nice that they wouldnt mind being flexible and respect people’s diets.

  2. MMC said,

    Madame C, I;m terribly sorry about your incident and I will deliver your message to the management as soon as possible.

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