July 20, 2011

Meritxell Duran Exhibition: Barcelona, Spain

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We stumbled upon this local artist, Mertixell Duran while walking around the streets in Avinguda Diagonal, the sculptures instantly drew us in. The artist was actually there, and they were nice enough to show us around, I think we had the most fun in this small space because we got to look at the pieces up close, take pictures and I even got in inside one of her sculptures (below) lol  She works in one of the local newspapers as an illustrator and also has her own projects which consist of mainly sculptures.

I loved her work so much I had to get something, of course her sculptures price range were $2000 to $12000 so the only thing we could afford was the cooky messenger bags shaped as a bear/baby’s head it came in several colors but I went with cement grey, the artist was actually wearing one in black she told me that while wearing it on your back, people walking behind you will be smiling at your bag lol


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    @ pic No. 4 hahahahaha
    they actually have artists out there… t3bna mn el fashion /clothes in Kuwait ” m3areth” !!
    loved the last picture.. who is she ” Waleed is asking ” ? 🙂 i was thinking of slim om kalthoom hehehe

    • hehe i don’t think she is anyone in particular…the sculptures actually resemble the artist (i should have included a picture of her). Ee Barcelona is amazing, man6aqat al fan, if u appreciate art and architecture then its a must see place!

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