July 16, 2011

Espace Dali: Paris, France

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Good things must come to an end, and our summer vacation ended, I am back home and finally posting! I will be posting a bit on some of the places we liked most during our trip, so expect a bit of that in the upcoming posts. My husband and I visited Espace Dali, an exhibition that hosts over 300 of Salvador Dali’s work in Paris, France. It is a small space honestly but really houses the most beautiful and unique pieces of his work from sketches, paintings, sculptures to furniture! The art work displayed in the exhibition allows the visitors a peak inside the great mind of Dali, a collection of melted clocks represent his thoughts on time and the reality of time melting like a piece of cheese.

Moving on, you get to view his take on the wonderful character of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, we got to see Dali’s interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, interestingly enough he helped with the Disney animation for the movie Alice in Wonderland! Dali was so interested in the character Alice that she appears in every painting in his Alice in Wonderland series, you can spot her jumping rope in the paint work.

The exhibition also has the bronze sculpture of Alice with her jumping rope, at a closer inspection you will notice that her hands and face are covered with leaves and flowers.

An other symbol Dali liked to use in his art work is the crutch, you can find it in his paintings as well as his sculptures, very often the figures leaning on crutches etc. The crutch, to Dali, represents reality providing his pieces spiritual and physical support, one of my favorite has to be the “Woman Aflame” piece in which a woman without facial features leans back while several crutches support her back, while the front part of her body is completely covered with open drawers, the faceless figure represent to Dali a woman’s true beauty …mystery.

The red lips sofa is inspired by Mae West’s lips.

Over all the exhibition was interesting, very small but has most of his important art works, if you are ever in Montmartre, in Paris and you enjoy Surrealist art, then this place is a must see!


Sara D.


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  2. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    The sculpture of Alice looks amazing i loved how the leaves are actually determining an expression . his choice of bronze added that nice texture and shades of brown at some angles in the ( woman aflame ) .. i liked it thanks for sharing :* oh oh i love how you showed us the Mae West’s lips :p now we can follow what ur talking about :p

    • hehe thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! Its a nice place to visit whenever you are there inshalla 🙂

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