July 13, 2011

Swims Galoshes and Shoes

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While shopping with my husband in Spain we noticed some bright-colored rubber loafers at El Corte Ingles, my husband, who is into the preppy style is always looking for a funky twist to his loafers, pants and shirts so these shoes screamed his name and upon a closer inspection we noticed that the shoe appear to be waterproof and breathable, the shoes had a tag “swims” on them and came in all kinds of colors. The Norwegian designer behind these rubber soles explains that he was used to protecting his shoes in the rainy cities and wanted to reinvent the boring old galoshes into a wearable and trendy shoe that keeps you warm and in style at the same time, and then came the rubber loafers that are perfect for the beach or on a boat, or just wearing them anywhere where you’d prefer not to ruin your nice loafers.

Swims also caters to the city woman’s needs, they have what they call “the City woman’s slipper” which covers the heels and has a rubber sole to prevent slipping, I think this is perfect even in Kuwait even though we don’t get much rain but I hate to wear my satin/nice heels only to land my feet in a muddy puddle!

I am loving these shoes, I think it’s a great idea to reinvent the practical item of clothing and make it trendy and stylish, what do you guys think?


Sara D.

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  1. Sherifa said,

    Love it!

  2. FJ Bliss said,

    the colours are lovely!

  3. segun said,

    really like them too! how much did the shoes set you back?

    • I honestly forgot how much they cost in Euro, but they sell them at Neiman Marcus for $149 🙂 hope that helps!

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