June 30, 2011

La Cure Gourmande: Paris France

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On our way to the Sacré Cœur Basilica in Paris France we passed by a nice place selling biscuits, caramels, nougats and lollipops called La Cure Gourmande. What initially caught my attention were the piles of colorful tin boxes that I knew my mom would love, she usually reminisce over the nice tin boxes the biscuits were sold in back in her childhood, so we went in to check it out, this is our first time in Paris so I’ve never been this place before and I swear the smell of the biscuits was insane, I was standing next to the biscuits and just by smell I can figure out which biscuit was made with what, such as the amazingly aromatic orange blossom biscuits! They had one made with almonds, figs and so much more! They had rose-water flavored nougats, and super soft caramels, they all smell and taste so good!

I’ll leave you with the shots we took from the place, we found two more branches of La Cure Gourmande while we were in Paris, one was in Rue Rivoli I believe, and the other was in Orly airport.



  1. Om Pingu said,

    Soooo pretty and yummy! Luv paris!!

  2. Madame C said,

    I got some gorgeous tin boxes from their Strasbourg branch 5 years ago as well as some yummy chocolate olives etc. 3aleikom bil 3afia. Still can’t sleep. Miss my fellow insomniac….

    • Madame C: ee love their boxes, i got one for mom…hope she likes it 🙂 haha right back at ya! 7aram 3ad i’m sure u need ur sleep 🙂

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