June 19, 2011

AlShaya Card Replacing Cash Refund

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Looks like Alshaya Co. stores are changing their refunding policy, a customer shopping at their stores can no longer have the cash refund option as they are introducing “AlShaya Card” which will be used to load the amount of your returned items in them and it will be available to use for a period of twelve months at any of their stores.

I still prefer having the cash/refund option, but I guess the good side is if you are a fan of AlShaya Co. stores, you do have a wide range of stores to shop at during the year, but my advice to you, think twice before you make a purchase now ;P

What do you guys think of this new policy?


Sara D.


  1. Madame C said,

    I practically live in Mothercare but I would rather have my cash back option. Times must be really bad that no one wants to return money anymore. Long live marks and spencers (al futtaim group)

    • Madame C: yea, I was thinking of the people visiting Kuwait and buying something then realize they don’t like it and want to return it, the card wont be of any use to them if they don’t live here!

  2. Sherifa said,

    Me no like 😦 this is greed. Na9b tijari. Its not just them, all stores in kuwait r like that. Al shaya were one of the better ones, now they followed the footsteps of those who know nothing about marketing and customer loyalty. They probably think this is a loop hole to force customers into loyalty , but in the longrun they will realize it was a bad policy to implement coz the modern consumer is smart and aware and no longer foolish.

    • Sherifa: are all stores heading in that direction? I think Zara still has a good return/exchange policy? And I agree Alshaya used to have a good return/exchange policy

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