June 12, 2011

Ideas to Make Your Punch Bowl Pop

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I have posted about this previously a couple of times, but I just wanted to share step by step pictures of how we usually add simple details to our punch bowls for every party we host. For my cousin’s baby shower and my niece’s recent birthday party we used minute maid lemonade/pink lemonade and added rose syrup ice cubes with rose petals in the ice tray.

For my niece’s birthday, I could not find pink lemonade, so I just got the regular minute maid lemonade and because the rose syrup is bright pink it quickly turned the lemonade into pink 😀

Regular Minute Maid Lemonade before adding the rose petal ice cubes

Creating colorful rose petal ice cubes

Before adding the rose petals to the ice tray, make sure you lightly wash them and add a cap full of vinegar while washing them.

An assortment of rose petals makes a colorful punch bowl


Mix the rose syrup with water and add it to the ice tray

my mom made this by using loose rose petals and placing them in the shape of a rose in a plastic cup and then let freeze!

After placing the ice cubes, the lemonade gradually turns pink

So pretty!

We also made Sangria sin alcohol for my niece's Dora theme birthday party, we went all Mexican for her fiesta! 🙂

Our version of non alcoholic sangria was made using hibiscus leaves, a bit of vimto and pomegranate juice and then sliced some oranges, lemons and apples. Did you know that the name Sangria means blood in Spanish? And is used to describe the dark bloody shade of this particular drink usually made from red wine.

Hope you enjoyed our variations of party drinks, and do share your ideas and tips with me…I’d love to hear them!


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    ok Sara, me and Waleed are wondering how would it taste , the sangria :p

    • Hanan: hehe ma jarabta, bs those who did say tastes like candy hehe sweet and tangy i guess

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