June 9, 2011

The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl From Kuwait: A book Review

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Available at Fifty Two Degrees

The Chronicles of Dathra, follows the events of a socially awkward girl in Kuwait, Dathra, a young woman reaching the age where most girls around her are married and having children, finds herself struggling to fit into a society that constantly rejects her innocence and naïveté. She finds herself cornered and forced to face “mean girls” in her family who look down at her purely based on her fashion sense or lack of for that matter,  her love life does not appear promising either, as she gets to meet suitors the traditional way and finds difficulty in finding a person that would accept her and her quirks. Dathra finds solace in food, using her cravings as an escape from the outside world that appears too difficult to deal with.

Dathra’s innocence and “Ugly Betty” qualities stem from her inability to deal with the real world, a world that took away her father, her childhood and is ready to tear her apart as well, her food eating habits are used as an armor to shield herself from society’s shallow expectations, and  preserve what is left from her life as an innocent daddy’s girl. Even though Dathra appears to want to be married and find true love, the pressure from her family and society’s expectations appear to sidetrack her and distract her from living her life to the fullest. All of these events Danderma places in a humorous captivating style of storytelling, it’s a perfect summer read, Danderma explains that Dathra is a fictitious character, and I believe there is a Dathra in each and every one of us, that is why most readers empathize with her and root for her in most of the events that take place in her life as a dathra in Kuwait!


Sara D.


  1. Madame C said,

    Mashalla you already finished it? Very nice, kinda reminds me of my teenage years. Where can I buy a copy? There certainly is a dathra in every one of us. It just takes guts to admit it. Was ‘obou tutti’ there?

    • Madame C: la i read them as short stories on her blog…she just compiled them into a book, so yea i already read it 😛
      haha u know abou tutti? hehe ee he was there supporting Danderma 🙂 very sweet …there is a dathra in me, and im not afraid to admit it lool

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