June 1, 2011

Le Tour De Force Headbands

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Let’s face it, the headband and headpiece trend is here and not going anywhere anytime soon, what with Blair from GG causing a headband frenzy among high schoolers and adults alike, and of course who can forget Lady Gaga and her infamous bedazzled lobster headpiece, and last but not least Princess Beatrice who practically stole the attention from the bride and groom that day! So it’s no wonder this piece of accessory has dedicated designers that manage to produce headbands from conservative and simple to daring and avant-garde! The designer behind Le Tour De Force, Camille Roman, previously worked with several fashion houses, including Lanvin and Zac Posen before launching her own line of accessories, her studio is located in London.

My sister and I came across Le Tour De Force headbands by chance, we were checking out the girls’ section at Bergdorf’s in NYC when we spotted the most adorable headbands and my sister had to get one for her daughter. We asked the lady who worked there who made these headbands, because they looked like something little Lady Gaga’s would wear, she thought they were made for Bergdorf and Goodman (the tag only had a lightning symbol with no name on it) after a bit of research online I found the name of the designer.

Here are some pieces from the adult and little girl’s collection (I wouldn’t personally wear the headbands, but I soo want my little daughter to rock them! lol)

and the little girl’s collection:

My sister got this one for her baby girl...it looks like bunny ears from far!

and if she is a fan of minnie mouse 😛

Baby Gaga

Le Tour De Force for little girls

What do you guys think? Would you have your daughters wearing these headbands? Or are they too wild?


Sara D.

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