May 14, 2011

Summer Shimmer: Product Reviews

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Summer is finally here!! People keep complaining that it’s getting too hot in Kuwait, but for me I’m loving the heat!! I love everything that is related to the summer, flip-flops, cotton dresses, tanning and the sizzling hot sun…aaah amazing, one thing I do not like though is applying the white pasty sunblock on my skin, especially back then when I was working and rushing out of the house slathering on that sunblock, only to find out later that there are white streaks on my pasty legs lol which brings me to my current favorite sunblock by Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sunblock SPF 20, it’s not pasty white and does not have the smell of chemicals most sunblock have. When you put it on, it leaves a faint shimmer on the skin I love it! One thing I have to add is that, even though the shimmer is very faint on the skin, it may rub off on your bag, so just like any lotion, watch out while carrying an expensive bag cause it may end up staining your bag.

As for my other current summer favorite, has to be the RCK body glow its a moisturizer with a bronzy shimmer and yes there are so many products that enhance your tan with a bronzy shimmer but again most don’t stay on the skin and rub off on your clothes, furniture and so on, but with the RCK body glow, it stayed on my skin and did not rub off on my white tshirt nor anywhere else so I’m loving the fact that this is not going anywhere else other than on my skin!

RCK body glow

What’s your favorite thing about the summer time? :)))


Sara D.

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