April 26, 2011

Bridal Gowns With Sleeves

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Finding the right dress with sleeves can be difficult, since most gowns are strapless, here are some gowns that I find just as beautiful with sleeves. You can always wear a cover up, a lace bolero, over a sweetheart neckline if all else fails.

Elie by Elie Saab

Elie by Elie Saab

Monique Lhuillier




Elie by Elie Saab

Elie by Elie Saab

and here are some cover up options 🙂

Temperley London

Temperley London

birnbaum and bullock

birnbaum and bulloc


Sara D.


  1. D. said,

    Ellie Saab ❤

    Thankk you :* :*

    • D. Btw did you check out Pronovias at 360? They have the best bridal selection (I would think) including Elie by Elie Saab…and btw the prices are really reasonable…even Elie!

  2. D. said,

    I did mako shay either sold or cheap looking…but i gave them my number
    They have the first ellie saab you put but in real life it didnt look so glamourous :S

    • D. Oh sorry to hear that, I got my engagement dress from there, and thought they were so professional and great service, but I did not check out the wedding dresses. I guess for their prices they would look cheap :/ did u try al Othman in Bahrain? They have Monique Lhuilier, she has some gowns with long sleeves, her dresses are beautiful. What did you think of Princess Catherine’s dress? 🙂

  3. LadyB said,

    I know that al-oustoura can add you sleeves to whatever dress you wanna purchase from them, Rosa klara offered good dresses with sleeves as well

    • LadyB: yea, your right…most designers would make changes to a dress with an additional charge.

  4. Iyaa said,

    Ellie Saab 3ajeeb,, thank u

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