April 25, 2011

Makeup for Mature Skin

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I am not that good when it comes to makeup, but I have been obsessing over the makeup gurus on youtube for a while now hehe and I really feel like I have picked up a few tricks, and I know for sure that I will never get my makeup done by a “professional” again. I think we know our faces and what looks good on us a lot better than what a professional would, especially as some are used to doing a certain look only and try to match it to your features :S (ex. smokey eye).

So here are some videos on makeup, for mature skin (as requested ;))

The above video is not my favorite guru…but might help πŸ™‚


Sara D.


  1. Kerry Sellers said,

    thanks Sara ; )

    It’s true. Our faces, our hair, and our bodies, no one knows better than ourselves what we want

  2. LadyB said,

    My make up artist been doing my make up for the past 6 yrs maybe, she knows my face quite well and never fai lto impress me so for weddings I know where to go πŸ˜‰

    • LadyB: mashalla thats great, I never liked any professional makeup artist…honestly even for my wedding…even though it was sooo simple thankfully it was just a thin line of eyeliner and lipstick with no eyeshadow whatsoever lol but I still thought it was too much makeup …I felt like a drag queen lol

  3. r.alsharif said,

    You should check out Huda Heideks youtube video’s! She’s genius!

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