April 14, 2011

Vera Wang’s The Traditionalist Barbie

Posted in Wedding dress at 10:47 PM by inspirationsbysd

Vera Wang’s latest addition to the bridal world is the Traditionalist Barbie, this Barbie is part of  the Vera Wang Barbie collection, her dress captures the true elegance of Vera Wang’s brides. Her dress has a ribbon bow on the shoulder and of course the full tulle skirt that has graced Wang’s runway shows.

I think this would be a great gift to hand out to your bridal party, if you, yourself, will be wearing a Vera Wang on your wedding day, you can even personalize the box and have your own monogram on it! Also a great gift for Barbie collectors 🙂

Personalized monogram box

For more information on how to purchase and pricing, click here.


Sara D.


  1. it’s sold out 😦

    • The Collecter: wow, I just checked, yea that was fast! But apparently there will be an other batch of 1500 dolls but will be available later, the first batch was sold out I guess.

  2. really I didn’t see that.. yeah they were sold out in two days

    • The Collector: i have a feeling the first batch was bought by Barbie collectors lol

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