March 11, 2011

Shopbop Wedding Boutique

Posted in Wedding dress at 12:54 AM by inspirationsbysd

I have been visiting and shopping at shopbop and asos for years now and what I love about both sites is that they offer a wide range of brands, offer inexpensive trendy items and especially asos when they first started out, I remember it was dedicated mainly for as seen on the stars looks, I love how much the website has evolved since then! So shopbop just recently added a new boutique to their website, which is the wedding boutique. What do I think about it? I looked through it, I couldn’t find that many items that I personally like, but the plus side is that most are inexpensive and on trend. I am sure they will expand their collection later, they just added this section like a few days ago? So I’m sure it will evolve and grow along with the rest of the site.

Giuseppe Zanotti available at

Giuseppe Zanotti available at


Sara D.

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  1. […] previously mentioned in my blog post that has a new “wedding boutique” that was back in March 2011. In that post […]

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