March 10, 2011

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

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I have been in Ohio for almost one year and a half now, and I just found out about this place from deQor8! Hehe and I couldn’t wait for Spring to arrive to try it out, thankfully the weather has been amazing lately (been raining cats and dogs but that’s Ohio, that’s as good as it could get here lol). What made me really want to try Jeni’s ice cream was the fact that they use natural ingredients grown and produced in Ohio from dairy, to all kinds of fruits, nuts etc. and also the interesting flavors they offer from Wildberry Lavender, Ylang Ylang Honeycomb, to Olive Oil with Sea Salted Pepitas…interesting, no?

So this is what I got: Bananas & Honey, Brambleberry Crisp, Riesling Poached Pear, Honey Butter Cake, and so far I tried the Bananas & Honey. First of all one of my favorite ice cream flavors is banana and most of the places I have had banana flavored ice creams  had artificial flavoring so it tastes like KDD’s luli? The triangle banana flavored ice cream, BUT this one, OH MY GOD!! It actually smells of fresh bananas and it tastes exactly like a banana milk shake (a childhood favorite drink). I have yet to try all the flavors I got, but I can tell that this ice cream is, dare I say, even better than the gelato I had in Rome, Capri and Spain…no comparison actually!

Check out their website


Sara D.


  1. Om Pingu said,

    YUM!!! sounds amazing!! abeeeee!!

  2. You’re in Ohio? We’re practically neighbors!

    I think I’m going to order me some.. they ship for ten bucks ;D

    • The Collector: hehe yea we kinda are 😉 I was actually almost going to end up in NYC myself but chose Ohio (I know I’m crazy :P)
      Yea, try it out, you’ll love it…all the flavors I got were amazing except for the sorbet…not as flavorful 🙂

  3. deQor8 said,

    LOL just saw ur post about Jeni’s … so glad I could alert you on this wonderful product .. can’t wait til next time I go home so I can mail more to my home in Houston

    • deQor8: hehe it is amazing! And its hard to think of ice cream when its freezing all year round…bs its worth it! 😛

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