March 7, 2011

The Island of Crete, Greece

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I have posted these pictures before, so if you are sick of looking at them please skip this post hehe but I just wanted to share them on my blog as well. It was my first time visiting Greece, we went there on our honeymoon, I love  Mediterranean countries, whether its Spain, Italy, Greece etc they actually have a lot of commonalities between them, first of all the FOOD is amazing in all countries on the Mediterranean sea, and their lifestyle is quiet similar too, love how outgoing and lively the people are.

Our experience in Greece, was as expected amazing, the people were very hospitable! Most of the time they actually thought we were Greek until we had to tell them otherwise hehe but whichever restaurant you dine at, trust me you’ll meet the mother, the father, the brother in law…the whole familia works there and they really make you feel part of the family! We found ourselves laughing with the waiters and the people sitting at the table next to us, it was really nice.

As for the weather, PERFECT!! Oh my, the sun was sooo warm and you had a light breeze blowing in to cool you off, I couldn’t get enough of the piña colada’s and ice-cold water with slices of lemon *sigh* I miss it, and I hope we get to go  back to the Mediterranean this summer.

In Crete, Greece, we stayed at Domes of Elounda, the hotel itself really added to the experience. Very secluded, the staff were so friendly and made sure we were enjoying our time (they knew that Crete was our first honeymoon destination and made sure it was memorable). I actually got sick the FIRST night we arrived, really sick that my husband had to call a doctor (food poisoning or a bug, not sure but it was not pretty :P), and the hotel staff were horrified that I actually got sick on our honeymoon, they catered to our every need and we loved it! hehe

Here are some pictures of Crete, Greece 🙂

The hotel, Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

Domes of Elounda

You will notice I love the Bougainvillea tree hehe you can pretty much find it everywhere in the Mediterranean but I still stop to take picture of it!

Crete, Greece


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    I am impressed Sara i actually enjoyed this post 😀 mako bashar in ur pics but still nice:p
    allah yhaneekum o ykafeech shar el sickness next time u r there …. i wanted to go to Greece on our honeymoon but was cold ( January) so u brought back my wishes to visit the place 😀 ( after NY , France and Tokyo) lol ..
    3 days ago waleed asked me what do i wanna do before i die , i said i wanna travel and enjoy it ( having kids made it a future plan not current ) 🙂

    thanks for this sweet post :*

    • Hanan: aaw thanks, glad u enjoyed it! Hehe I really hope one day we get to retire and live there hehe that is how much I love it! Inshalla u’ll get to visit all the places you have on ur list, the best time is the right time 😉

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