March 5, 2011

Michael Cinco Bridal Gowns

Posted in Wedding dress at 9:37 PM by inspirationsbysd

Michael Cinco’s fashion house is based in Dubai, UAE but the designer himself was born in the Philippines. His move to Dubai to introduce his take on fashion to the Middle Eastern women was welcomed with great interest. His gowns, I believe, really represent the Middle Eastern bride, they are over the top, elaborate and some I found “a little bit too much” at times, for my own personal taste hehe Some of his designs actually reminded me of Pnina Tornai since both designer gowns have boldness and very elaborate detailing in them, but I do prefer Michael Cinco’s gowns. The fabric these dresses are made of are a work of art on its own, covered with crystals and embellishments, and you know we like our embellishments.

I picked out my favorite looks from all of his previous collections, again, they are over the top and not for the “understated” bride (if there is such a bride :P) let me know what you think 🙂

Michael Cinco’s bridal gowns price range $13500-$17700+


Sara D.


  1. 79ai9 said,

    hi sara 🙂 wallah shaagool they r abit “over the top” for my personal taste :p bas the heirloom veils in ur other post were amazing!!!

    • 79ai9: hehe yea they are, but some are pretty I must say..and the veils are truly amazing, very :))

  2. Malaly Niazi said,

    Hi Sarah, Are you able to tell me the price ranges for these georgous gowns, im getting married with in a year, and i cnt look at another dress until i know if i can afford these gowns or not. if you are able to email me i would really appriciate it. it is very important to me that i get some answers, i have already tried to email michael cinco himself but i never got any response.

    Please and Thank You
    Malaly Niazi

    • Hi Malaly, first of all, congratulations! 😀 I know exactly how you feel, when I saw my dress online I quickly emailed them and asked for the price just so I can stop day dreaming about it if it was above my price range hehe I do not know exactly the price range for his wedding gowns, but because of the intricate detailing and expensive fabrics I can make an assumption that they might be around $6000-$25000+ but I will try to get the exact price range and get back to you (I removed your email but have saved it…just so you don’t get spam :))

      • Malaly, I was able to reach them at and was informed that his bridal gowns range from $13500 to $17700 but the bridal gowns on the website are mostly sold out (thats what I was told) and for custom made gowns the price starts from $17700

      • ale said,

        can oyu find out how much the mbc-04 dress is??!!!

      • Hi, all I know is that the dresses start at $13500-$17700+ hope that helps!

  3. […] received several inquiries after my post on Michael Cinco’s gowns, and most were about the price range of his gowns. The price for his […]

  4. genevieve said,

    hi sara can you buy them here in the us and if you can let me know

  5. These gowns are stunning!

  6. Some of the most beautiful gowns I have seen. Stunning!

  7. Giovanna said,

    Hello I am in Brazil and I was hallucinating with their dresses and I wonder how long before the wedding I need to order and dress and what the approximate value, and if so have these dresses in dubai or it is possible to find in the USA power plan my trip to dubai.

    thanks for attention Giovanna

    • Hello Giovanna, congratulations on your engagement! Well you generally need 6 to 12 months to order a dress, and that should apply to Michael Cinco’s dresses too. As for the price range, the price for his gowns range between $13500-$17700+ he is based in Dubai, and I am not sure if you can purchase his dresses in the US, you might want to contact them 0971-4-3328488 to learn how to purchase one of his dresses 🙂

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