February 28, 2011

Say What?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:25 PM by inspirationsbysd

Feel like no one listens anymore? Well one way to have people hear you out is by letting your clothes do the talking. Celebrities do it all the time, whether they want to cuss out the hovering paparazzi or just send out a msg to the world.

Here are some not so subtle ways to get people to hear ya

Available @ http://us.asos.com

Available @ http://us.asos.com

Tip: Try not to wear a t-shirt that curses like a pirate, especially if you are going to a place where family and kids are going to be around.


Sara D.


  1. 79ai9 said,

    hehehe loved ur last comment :p wallah ya sara sometimes i wear slogan tee’s lama a7es ilkalam dznt get through some thick heads hehehe love ordering them online 😉

    • 79ai9: lol I had to add that 😉 and yes, me too! Unfortunately the place I’m studying at is a dead town with not many shopping stores around, so I’m surviving on online shopping lol

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