February 26, 2011

White by Vera Wang

Posted in Wedding dress at 2:47 AM by inspirationsbysd

I am so excited over this collection, I love loooove looove affordable and beautiful gowns for brides. I do think that every bride deserves to wear a NEW dress, that she can own and cherish forever, I know some brides are choosing to rent their dresses, but seriously finally there is a beautiful and affordable option for all brides to purchase their dresses! Yes, the master of bridal gowns herself, Vera Wang, has designed a new affordable line White by Vera Wang, and launched, this month, exclusively at David’s bridal.

The dresses will be available in sizes 0-14 and get this…the price range?!! $600-$1400!!!! I cannot believe it!! I had to read the price twice to make sure I am not missing some digits!! So here are my favorites from her White collection:

I LOVE this dress!


Sara D.



  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    OMG loooooove them all .. the first 2 are super nice dresses …
    wien hal designers on 2003 when i got married ?! :p
    and true they cost nothing.. a co- worker once showed me her wedding dress bought it from Lebanon . i would say was designed by a crazy designer who is in love with belly dancers style !! cost her 3,000 KD !!! 9ij farg !!

    • Hanan: yea i love the first two, ee wallah wainha mnn awal…$1400!! 😦 making me regret buying my dress haha la la i love it…bs these are soo pretty and cheap! Bs I’m sure the quality is not the same (ags 3ala nafsee shway :P)

  2. 79ai9 said,

    amazing i love them! yallah u never know what the future has for me :p heheh mashallah 3alaich!

  3. Om Pingu said,

    that is unbelievable! they are gorg!! wish they had those in my time :/

  4. I am not happy with her move. A Vera Wang meant something! What’s next cheap Tiffany’s?

    • The Collector: well if you put it that way, ur right! lol most designers are doing more affordable collections though, the designer i got my dress from had a couture line and a more affordable line so I never really thought so much of it. I got mine from the couture line, and I know the quality and design also varies so much, but it is nice to know that on that day all women can feel great about what they are wearing.

  5. Wicked said,

    I’m not a big fan of miss vera, but i encourage this step !!
    i do think that designers need to make more affordable gowns instead of taking advantage of a poor neurotic bride who would do almost anything to get everything right on her wedding

    mno ygool me7tara lool

    • Wicked: I agree going through the same thing myself…I know how it would feel to be willing to do whatever it takes to get everything right on your day, and because it is just a day in your life I’m all for affordability!

  6. […] the debut collection of White by Vera Wang in Spring 2011, Vera Wang reveals the latest collection for Fall 2011 which brides will be able to preview on […]

  7. nicole said,

    i like the second dress it looks like beautiful flower at the bottom.

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