February 25, 2011

Happy National Day :*

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This will be a quick one, I hate that I am missing out on celebrating with everyone in Kuwait, this day is extra special to us every year because it is also my mom’s birthday :* So happy birthday mama! And Happy national day everyone…i’m stuck writing a paper so I don’t feel so festive hehe but yea, enjoy the celebrations and be safe! 😀

It is such a strange coincidence that my mom and mother in law’s birthdays are both on Kuwait’s National Day Feb 25, and then my husband’s birthday (miss u :**) is on Feb 26, Kuwait’s liberation day! Hehe told ya its extra special 😉 so happy birthday and hope you enjoy your long weekend.


Sara D.


  1. 79ai9 said,

    alf alf mabrook ya sara o kil sina wa into ib alf khair! 3asa rabi yi7fethkum o yikhaleekum liba3th.. salamy o ta7iyati li kil ahl ilkuwait :*

    • 79ai9: Thank you 7abeebty, wenty ebkhair 😀 ya rab tkon ayamna klha afra7 oo a3yad ahl alkuwait oo ahl alkhaleej :))

  2. Om Pingu said,

    im glad you got to share some of the celebrations with us via skype *hug*

    • Om Pingu: ee i know…thats the second year, we celebrate via skype lol bs it was nice …miss u guys :***

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