February 20, 2011

Pedro del Hierro

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*sigh* yes I’m beginning this post with a *le sigh* because I have been waiting for this store to open in Kuwait for years, you can find Pedro del Hierro in UAE and Saudi Arabia so I’m hoping we are next. This is one of my favorite Spanish brands, and almost every summer when we visit Spain, I have to shop there!

I think over all my favorite designers all have latin/Spanish roots whether it is Oscar de la Renta, or Carolina Herrera they all seem to understand the women’s body and they accentuate the figure with their clothes in such a beautiful way that even a small waif would look luscious, curvy and ultra feminine. I mean when Carolina Herrera was asked what key items a woman should have in her closet, her reply was “skirts, skirts, and more skirts” how can you not love her for that?!

Ok, back to Pedro lol I love his clothes because they can easily translate from office look to dinner out with friends, I worked in a bank so I had to look “put together” all the time, so his skirts and shirts made that possible. I love the intricate detail on the fabrics he uses, some of his items are very elaborate and others are casual, you do get a wide range of verity and the prices are reasonable for an everyday look. So now that we have Uterque, I hope we get Pedro del Hierro soon!

These images are from his latest collection on the website 🙂


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    I don’t know him bs shakla is a fashion architect 🙂
    now i want also to see pics of u ayyam el bank :p

    • Hanan: He’s well known in Spain, bs yea inshalla they’ll bring his brand to Kuwait sooooooon hehe
      hehe ayam al bank it was skirt, shirt and heels lol

      • Hanan Al Failakawi said,

        sounds like khash’kha ;p

      • Hanan: lol i think i looked professional and mratba enough for them lol

  2. Didi said,

    love the first dress !! nice pics 🙂 what i like about his taste in fashion the boldness in his skirts or dresses

  3. 79ai9 said,

    love the collection amazing designs!!

    • 79ai9: I know, hope they open his stores in more countries in the Gulf soon 🙂

  4. 79ai9 said,

    aaammmeeenn i think after being stuck home for almost 2 weeks i will look like a cow on the loose if it opens here in bahrain hehehe keep us posted with ur latest X

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