February 15, 2011

My History with Shoes

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my Crayola shoe collection

Every girl remembers her first love and since love is in the air, I could not help but look back at one of my on going love/hate relationship with my shoes, yes, I loved them, they hated me back. But looking back, those god awful high heels have given me some good memories that will last me awhile, at least longer than the box of bonbons that I am devouring as I write this. My shoes, my love you have been there for me in the most embarrassing moments in my life, in fact if it weren’t for you I probably would have had fewer red-faced moments and you have also been there for me in the most memorable moments in my life, so to you I dedicate this post.

– Back in the college years, I was trying to get dressed for class and it was winter so of course I was trying to get into my knee-high boots, half way through zipping them the zipper gets caught and pulls my tights…now the zipper won’t zip up nor unzip! Stuck, with a half flailing knee-high boot on my foot, I struggle, sweat, pull, tug, rip until I manage to get it off and just in time to miss my class. (shoe image unavailable)

– Also in college, I was wearing my Zara flip-flops, summer time the best time to flip-flop around campus of course I had not realized that if you do not ever wear flats you need to break into them just like you would with very high heels. Coming down the stairs, I forget how to step down with flip-flops that barely hold on to my feet, slip, miss a few steps and fall right in front of my then stalker, proving to him once and for all that I am not stalk-worthy. (shoe image unavailable)

– And yet an other knee-high boots anecdote, ugly as hell I have no idea what I was doing wearing them. I got them from that store in Fanar’s basement? Steps? I don’t know, they were beige and I needed beige boots so we went home together. So I wear them to work, and in my manager’s office right after updating him with good news about my work I turn to leave the office only to stumble on my own foot and fall, land right on my knees, smooth! (shoe image unavailable)

– I once went to a hair salon in Kuwait, right after work. Dressed in my work clothes, with knee-high boots (it’s always the knee-highs, isn’t it?) before I leave …my hairdresser complements me on my boots, I thank, pay and leave. I take one step down the marble stairs, only to miss and land on my head bumping it on the marble steps just enough times to get me dazed and confused as to what just happened. (shoe image unavailable)

– Recently, I was wearing my super high heels, beige patent leather Β and loving every bit of it, I leave my car look up to check if the street is clear for me to cross not realizing that there is a big pot hole underneath me. My ankle twists and I fall like a chopped tree…timberrrr!

Image from jimmychoo.com

– This moment in my shoe history I will probably never forget, I was out with my husband for dinner and then to the theater in NYC so I had on my LBD, and wore a pair of shoes that I have had for a while but have never worn before. After the show, walking through broadway to our hotel we get mobbed by a group of girls who want to take pictures of my shoes and me in them, this has never ever happened to me before of course, so I stood there while they took pictures and asked me to “work it girl”. Mortified my husband pulls me to rush back to the hotel, but I liked it…just a wee bit…I did.

The shoe that NYC fell in love with

It seems like I have had more red-in-the-face moments than happier moments, and I don’t mind ….you are still worth it, my pain in the foot shoes :*

What has been your worst/best moment with your favorite clothing item?


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    lol OMG Sara that was hilarious ,, ya3ny after how many fall are u planning to quite ? lol .. o can’t imagine how happy the stalker was * victory * :p
    but yea as it has been said,, bare foot has no effect on society so i see what u r doing there :p
    well for me ( in the past ) i used to adore my smoky eye shadow .. every single morning i managed to wear it .. there was a chemistry class starting at 8 am and Dr, mohammend al 7asan >> cant forget his name for a reason << was very strict about attending in time ,, and of course i have more important thing to do every morning ,, so every time i arrived at 8:05 ,8:10 he starred at my eye shadow/ not my eyes with deeeeeeeep inhale and exhale with aaaaah lol …
    that man at some point slapped me to revisit my priorities and i thank him for that * sniff *
    that's pretty much it :p

    • Hanan: lool quit what? Wearing shoes? lol mayseer amshee 7afya lol oo clearly i fall whether i wear flats or heels lol
      oo the stalker maskeen i had no idea he was stalking me until his sister came up to me half way through the course lol then i went “oh!” lool
      i liked the way u did ur makeup ayam aljam3a …its worth being 5 min late to class ;P

  2. Didi said,

    hahahahahahahahahah sorry couldnt stop laughing at ur funny moments with ur high heels ;p nice post

    i also have an addiction to shoes , but i prefare flats ;p its coz im really tall ;p xx

    • Didi: lol apparently i can’t walk in both …bs wallah considering how long i have been wearing heels i’m surprised i do not have more stories of falling flat on my face πŸ˜›

  3. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    Sara his sister ! lol its like khe6ba ya3ny hehehe …
    and thanks :p kellek thouq

  4. Om Pingu said,

    i remember that stairwell incident! maybe funny now, but was scary then :/
    man, and here i thought you are natural in heels! LOL well yer still better than me, i fell so much that my toes and ankles literally shout ‘enuff’ back at me when i try to wear them πŸ˜› and yes sometimes i ignore their screams just to feel pretty

    • Om Pingu: ee ashwa nothing bad happened :/
      lool i thought so too!! Bs looking back, i realized man i fell waaay too many times LOL

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