February 7, 2011

Disclaimer for the Previous Posts lol

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Ok, thank god I am not Oprah! Because you may not know this since my blog is dead quiet but the previous post I and previous post II have stirred up a riot on my facebook page over whether we should obsesses over these things or just let things go every once in a while? lol First of all, I have been a vegetarian for 14 years now, and by vegetarian I mean I do not eat red meat, poultry, nor sea food…YES even sea food!! And I am a vegetarian simply because I do not like the taste of meat, so anything with a face I would not eat it because PERSONALLY it grosses me out! And because I have been a vegetarian not for health reasons or animal rights issues, you never see me preach or judge people about it! Why?! Because I DO NOT HAVE A MESSAGE, I simply do not enjoy it! My husband eats meat, so does everyone around me and I’m sure my children will too! Well, where am I going with all of this?

I’ll tell you, if you go grocery shopping with me you’ll notice how I fill my cart to the rim with fresh fruits and vegetables and even the detergents I get to clean the house are all environmentally friendly, but only because I love it! I don’t force myself to like it, and to be honest with you the “earth friendly” products work much better than the commercial ones.

As for the paraben-free issue, if you READ my post, you’ll notice that I am still using my old products and simply said that I want to make a change and use something “healthier” on my skin, why? Because I’m VAIN! YES, I SAID IT! I’M OLD AND I’M VAIN LOL But seriously, I have always attempted to preserve what God had given me as long as I can, so I never smoked nor drank as a teenager my parents did not have to worry about me because I knew smoking would age you so that was one habit I would never pick up. My point is, because I do the things I do for all the wrong reasons, I never judge people for not following in my foot steps. I just think if there is a healthier alternative then why not? I still eat junk food every now and then, I eat candy, and I am addicted to coke (the drink) so I still think I do things in moderation, trust me I do not enjoy people preaching me, so I am not going to start that myself, and that is pretty much it, thanks for listening/reading 🙂


Sara D.


  1. Maram said,

    Aww Sara I admire what you said and how you pick up ur living is really nice you put effort in details which I may confess I am lazy at lol but u do some how inspire in away and that is a good thing I’m sure ur kids will grow up with knowledge of the world in such a beautiful way becoz u take care of every detail concerning ur health and well being and there is nothing wrong with that .. U share ur openions and experiences with the world and I may be the the exact opposite of u, I hate vegies and I love sea food I dnt care about wat brand or what earth friendly or what’s organic is there actually I do but I dnt give it much of a thought I just eat what I feel like it , but hearing things from u opens up my mind more and I learn so no harm in that at all 🙂
    and I would trust ur choices coz I know u do ur research before posting anything … Keep going 🙂

    • Maram: aaw thanks! Glad you find my lifestyle inspiring, but really I do not see myself as healthy at all, I do have some bad habits, and some good ones I guess :)) I never liked sea food ever since I was a kid hehe I think it’s my mom’s doing 😉 but I believe it is the healthiest, right?
      I have been using http://www.seventhgeneration.com products wallah they are really good! I didn’t expect them to be, bs I switched from Dawn to seventh generation, and seriously when washing dishes you only need a tiny drop and it lathers so well and has a fresh scent.

  2. Didi said,

    hahahahah , loved ur post soo funny ! 7asait min galb ;p im a healthy person too and i agree on not eating anything with a face hahaha eww ;( but fish that i cant let go,, ;p way to go S! ;*

    • Didi: hehe ur like my mom…she doesn’t like meat much, but then again she doesn’t eat fish lol
      I don’t see myself as a healthy person, because I do have bad habits, I think I got pushed into this category because of my personal taste in food lol 14 years ago when I’d tell people I’m vegetarian people would be like “ambaai, shloooon?! Inzain shno takleen? Ma takleen smach?” lol and now i’m “healthy” go figure!

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