February 6, 2011

Favorite Body Lotion

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What’s the best body lotion that you have ever used? I am running out of body lotion and I was thinking of using something that is not only soothing but also paraben-free (yes, my new haba) I was thinking of getting the eos body lotion and then I remembered an other body lotion that I have used and loved and is also “healthier” to my skin, which is the Dream Cream by Lush this lotion is so soothing and calming to extra dry and sensitive skin, and it smells amazing…it has chamomile so every time I put it on I feel relaxed and I am reminded of SpaTime and it also has lavender so it is great to slather on before going to bed, what’s your favorite?


Sara D.

Update: darn it, I just realized that my favorite body lotion actually includes paraben! I can’t believe that with all their “natural” ingredients LUSH would add a preservative such as paraben :/ how come they expire faster than other brands?

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