January 14, 2011

Must Haves for the Home

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I was never a big fan of candles but found them a great alternative for the home since I do not use my bukhoor stash everyday in the US, and I have tried many candles from Yankee Candles to Bath and Body Works…all good, but nothing like the one I picked up from Henri Bendel!! It comes in travel size and several scent, but the one that struck me most was the Gardenia, sucker for all flowery  scents of course I went with that, I just burnt one today and the room was quickly filled with the sweet smell of Gardenia. Seriously I cannot get over how amazing this candle smells, a must have for the home.


Sara D.

Note: if you are a fan of Gardenia Chanel perfume, then you’ll LOVE this!


  1. Danderma said,

    I read somewhere that you can transfer any hotel room into something that feels like home when u travel with a candle that smells and reminds you of home… the moment you light it in the hotel room the scent will make you feel like ur back home 🙂

    Although i don’t like flowery scents i love gardenia especially… i can imagine the scent… it must smell amazing 😀

    • I never tried that, but I’m sure it would! Nice…I’m loving these candles I think I will be traveling with them 😀
      I know so many people find flowery scents to be overwhelming but I soo love it, especially the white flowers sj Gardenia has an amazing smell 🙂

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