December 22, 2010

Giant Oreo Cake

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I realize I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while, I came back to Kuwait and have been enjoying being with my husband and family whom I miss so much! It’s been great, hanging out with our friends and the weather has been amazing 😀

We were invited to dinner last night, and I decided to make a chocolate cake shaped like a giant Oreo cake and as a filling I wanted to stick to the Oreo theme and used cookies n cream ice cream.

Here is what you need:

Cake Pan

William Sonoma Cookie shaped pan


Easy Bake by Wilton

Dark chocolate mix (Pillsbury or Betty Crocker)

Cookies n Cream ice cream

How to:

– Lightly spray the cake pan with the “Easy Bake” spray (if used without, the cake will not take the shape of the pan and will ultimately be a disaster to work with!)

– Pour the cake mix (make sure you only cover half of the pan, to maintain the Oreo cookie shape, as well as to avoid over spilling while in the oven)

– Let bake in the over for about 25 min (whatever remains from the mix, you can always make cupcakes with!)

– Let the cake cool, you’ll notice that the sides of the cake detach itself from the pan and that is a sure sign that the cake will pop out of the pan perfectly.

To serve:

– Place the cookies n cream ice cream in the mixer just to soften it a bit, spread it all over then sandwich it in with the other layer of the cookie and voila you have a yummy cake that looks like your childhood favorite cookie! 😀

Oreo Cookie Cake

Oreo Cake Cookie


Sara D.


  1. Didi said,

    Yumm it looks nice! farah should see this

    • Didi: Thanks 😀 its fun making them…especially when they come out just right! lol

  2. ansam518 said,

    Yummm teslam el ayaadi

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