November 15, 2010

Eid and My White Tree! :)

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Well, first of I just want to wish everyone a Eid Mubarak and hope everyone has a great time with their families. As for myself family is here to visit me, I am so thrilled too bad my husband couldn’t join them! I miss Kuwait and my family so much, it feels great to have them over. As a surprise I put up the tree before they arrived, my nephew was hoping for snow and since it still did not snow yet, I thought I would make it up to him by putting up a snow-white tree. This would be my first tree as an adult, as a kid my mom used to decorate our house based on the season and I remember at a certain point we had two trees. For some reason I thought each member of the family should get one and nagged and begged to have my own, so they got me a teenee weenee tiny one (I was 3 or 4 then).

I remember way before the “cupcake generation” was conceived  I used to hate it when my mom puts up the tree especially in Kuwait, I did not want to have my friends over I did not know how they’d react to it. It took me years to accept it and actually love having it home, I don’t personally see anything wrong with putting one up now. If we grew up in India we would continue to celebrate Devali, if Mexico then Día de los Muertos etc.

I decided to go for a snow-white tree with an ice skating theme and icicles, I love the ornaments I got most of them from Kohl’s, Macy’s and Target.


  1. Maram said,

    Ohhh I love it very angelic and it lights up perfectly 🙂 in my family our house was the only house that would put up a tree and we would have the new years party in our house every year but then we stopped I guess everyone grew up ,,, got married but it was one of the things we kids used to anticipate every year .. The tree the gifts and the party 🙂 good old memories but I’m planning to start having a tree and make my kids see all the charm and fun behind it … 🙂

    • Maram: Thanks 😀 it looks even better in real life hehe ee I can only imagine that…did it bother u, that ur family was different? I think I struggled a bit to fit in with everyone around me. I remember one of my school friends came to our house one day and noticed the tree she was like “why do u have a christmas tree in ur house?” I was so embarrassed lol

  2. danderma said,

    ooh i love the tree!

    Just the other day i was telling my mother that i see nothing wrong with putting up a pine tree with a bunch of decorations. It doesn’t signify anything religious per say and if it does fa it means celebrating the birth of Jesus which is ok y3ni… then we remember my grandmother who has a tree in the corner all year round and whenever when of her children would go Yomma May9eer or Mayjooz she would say malkom sho’3ol fenee… she loved lighting it up and having it glow 😀

    • Danderma: I agree, sj what does a pine tree have to do with Christianity? It took me awhile to realize that. Its silly to just associate it with Christmas, it reminds me the most of Winter season,o seriously la the snowman or the gingerbread-man were mentioned in the Bible lol
      ur grandma is soo cute ya7laila hehe gotta love grandmas for doing what makes them happy 🙂

  3. danderma said,

    Wee wakhzya nesait agolich 3eedich imbarak :*

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