October 29, 2010

“AlSa7er wal Bent AlJameela” Oh My!

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Ok, I guess since this is a Halloween weekend, I can write this post because it will be horrifying on so many levels (for myself that is) LOL inspired by Danderma’s post on AlMaktaba AlKhathra, or was it “Alselsela AlKhathra?” I decided to write my post on my childhood experience with reading these fairy tales.

First of all, I spent 3rd grade in California during the invasion and when we came back to Kuwait I had kinda forgotten my Arabic. My teachers advised my mother to encourage me to read more Arabic books, because at that time I was already hooked on The BabySitter’s Club! And I desperately wanted to be just like Ann M Martin and be a writer lol So when my mom got me these fairytale books, I fell in love. I remember also being hooked on Mickey’s magazine, but I believe that came a bit later, so being the crafty kid that I was I wrote my own version of “AlMaktaba AlKhathra” series.

I made the book cover, came up with the story line, wrote it and did the illustration all by myself! I was probably 9 or 10 at that time. I still have this book, and I hope I get to save it for my children to see how silly their mother was lol And maybe laugh at how bad my Arabic was! But then again, I was a kid!! πŸ˜›

The cover of my storybook lol

I smudged the writing because I refuse to share my "badlyat" with the whole world πŸ˜›

My illustration lol

Here is the storyline:

A young pretty poor girl lived with her father in a small town, the prince was interested in marrying her but there is an other man after her! The evil magician who wanted the girl to be his wife, so he decided to keep the prince from proposing to her by casting a spell on him and turning him into a skunk so no one would go near him even if he attempts to get help (he stinks you know :P) and the girl was shrunken and placed in an hour-glass.

The prince had to save the girl in order to get her and keep her, but no one wants to talk to a skunk until one day he finds the gardener in his palace spraying the plants in the garden, to kill the insects. The gardener was wearing a mask, to avoid breathing in the fumes, so the skunk/prince was able to approach him. He asked him to help him break the spell by going to the magician’s library, they read the spell out loud and both the prince and the girl went back to normal.Β The prince marries the girl and gets rid of the magician and the town lives happily ever after lol

Well that’s pretty much it! LOL I must have had so much time on my hands as a kid lol What was your childhood like? πŸ™‚


Sara D.


  1. Maram said,

    I love the idea of u turning the prince into a skunk loool And the too much thought of making the Gardner wearing a mask to be able to make ur story progress amazing thought and smart loool maybe there is a writer in you and I think u can be a very good one too πŸ˜‰
    my childhood writtings were mostly poetry it was in Arabic but not soo much of a poem lool now that I read it :p

    • Maram: Thanks! The storyline was cute bs it was written badly LOL I really wanted to write for the longest time, I let go of that dream around 16-17 when I realized that just because I love reading doesn’t mean I can be good at professional writing, bs I still stayed eb majalee I guess πŸ™‚
      Oo mashalla writing poetry, or even attempting to is impressive lol I was never good at it, u still have them?

  2. Maram said,

    Ohh I do started at age 9 I always thought I’m inlove with this mysterious guy that I always start my letters to him with Ψ£ΩŠΩ‡Ψ§ Ψ§Ω„ΨΊΨ±ΩŠΨ¨ omg loool that’s sooo funny then I guess I stopped I grew out of it I think I realized I’m not inlove with him anymore loool but good days hehe :p

    • Maram: lool aaw cute “ayuha alghareeb” bs at least we were creative! Wonder what kids are now doing to pass the time?

  3. danderma said,

    OMG how cute!
    O masha2 Allah you were talented! the picture and the drawing and the plot line! You could have become a writer easily! Why don’t you???

    If i had read the story back then i would have loved it and bought it πŸ˜€ i don’t know why but that evil magician reminded me a little of characters from Sindibad Cartoon!

    • danderma: lol thanks, I am still in this field so I do consider myself continuing on the same path bs professional writing is not for me :/
      bs yea its such a typical fairytale story lool u can tell I read so many of them! oo that magician guy every time I look at my drawing I see the religious men from the she3y sect LOL I was tearing up from laughter when I showed it to my husband, especially since I was not so exposed to religion at that age but I have no idea how I made him look like a shaikh deen πŸ˜› (no offense to religious people :))

  4. Didi said,

    never knew you write in Arabic ;p mashalla well written story .. whats adorable about it is that you can keep it and show it to ur kids ;p im sure yasmine and zahra would love to hear about it πŸ˜‰
    heheh thakarteeni ib babysitters club! loved their books! actually i collected them ;p 7atan if you remeber stephanie malat Full House ;p

    • Didi: haha I don’t really write…period lol but this was just a phase and an attempt from my mom and teachers to get better in Arabic.
      yea I still have the BSC books too, had a couple from the Stephanie ones πŸ™‚

  5. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    wallah Sara i loved the components of your story,, the characters, problems, and OMG the gardener wearing mask πŸ˜€ mixing science with romance mashallah u gotta go back to writing :p
    during the Iraqi invasion i wrote some poems about Kuwait ,, very nice ones :p ( ya kuwait el3rooba ) waid kena nsma3 the word 3rooba lol
    anyways thanks for sharing, u brought back some kiddie memories :*

    • Hanan: Thanks! Ee I was always good in chemistry (NOT!) lol
      I hope u saved ur poetry, u get to share it with ur kids one day inshalla πŸ™‚

  6. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    i have 2 of them which i luv πŸ™‚
    hope they will

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