October 24, 2010

McDonald’s Myth Busted By Husband :P

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Picture from the Yahoo.com article

My husband read this article on Yahoo.com claiming that McDonald’s food does not decompose. They had a Happy Meal out for 6 months and nothing really happened to it. Intrigued, my husband wanted to find out for himself ….well what are you waiting for? Check out the results on his blog πŸ™‚


Sara D.


  1. Om Pingu said,

    he should post this in answer to the yahoo article! was a gross job, but glad he did it..yay Mc D’s!! hehe

    • Om Pingu: ee I just told him…and I was like “does that mean u’ll continue eating junkfood?” lol he probably deliberately made it go bad …madry shlon lol

  2. ims85 said,

    LOL, I saw it on youtube few days ago a lady had a happy meal since 4 years she toke it from someone and she started from 2 years to test a happy meal and after the 2 years nothing changed, she compared the fries with natural potato, the orginal potato change to black color, and the mac fries stayed the same like plastic!

    • Salem: ee bs itsadg the meal my husband got in 2 days small insects were going at it (ma3na ehwa 7ag el meal in a closed container) oo in 6 days sar 3alai 3afan which is what should happen anyway!

      • ims85 said,

        hmmmmmmm, I wonder how other people testing it.

      • wedee ajareb ana hnee in the US to see, yemkin their McDonald’s sj doesn’t decompose oo the one in Kuwait is made from different ingredients πŸ˜›

  3. ims85 said,

    In kuwait im sure its different


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