October 18, 2010

Campaign for Domestic Workers’ Rights

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So you’ve all seen this campaign, pretty strong and affective (I hope!) many bloggers posted their posters on their blog, etc.

My issue with these ads is one thing, the fact that all the ads have women in the place of workers, insinuating that it is ONLY the mother/wife who is abusive towards the workers in the house. Let’s not forget that there are many cases of abusive men/husbands towards the workers at home. They are the ones who usually neglect to pay them their salaries, and how about the teenage boys? You’ve all heard of a horrible case of a teenage boy violating the worker at home, why not address this issue?

Unless they are planning on releasing other campaigns with men in them wearing a worker’s uniform, it is down right insulting to keep these ads and lay the blame on the wife/mother of the household alone, when in reality it is a social issue that everyone should take blame for it! And don’t give me non of that “a woman’s place is her home, she’s the one in charge of the domestic issues” this is a problem that EVERY member in the family has contributed to, so let’s see more of “7e6 nafsek eb mokanha” a Kuwaiti man wearing a uniform holding a mop, or a teenage boy in that ad!

My point is, Mushklat al campain, 7a6 allom bs 3ala rabat almanzel, ma3na kel afrad al osra yet3amlon ma3a alkhadam yomeyan. Oo ana metakda ina moo bs rabat almanzel elee tathlmha, 7ata alyahal y6goonhum chnhum moo bashar, wel zoj ma ydfa3laha ma3ashha …fa laish fl posters bs al zoja 7a6a nafseha eb mokan al khadama? Ma yaboon al campaign to reach the rest of the family memebers?

To learn more about this campaign, check their group on Facebook.com


Sara D.


  1. ims85 said,

    تحليلج راح وايد بعيد

    بشكل عام قصدهم معاملة صاحب المنزل للخادمه بما انه الخادمه تعاملها يكون بشكل مباشر ويا صاحبة المنزل ومو صاحب المنزل

    والمشاكل تصير اكثر للخادمات من الخدم الذكور

    • Salem: I see what ur saying, but I’m afraid I disagree. Every member of the family deals with the domestic worker every day, when you walk into your house do you not communicate with one of the domestic workers at home? There are members in the family who do not treat them well! But the campaign shows only the wife. Our domestic worker told us that the previous people she worked for, their SON used to beat her up!
      I’m just worried that something like this, will really just lay the blame on the woman alone when it is everyone’s responsibility to respect and treat a person right.

  2. qaiss said,

    see because am i guy i did not even think of such an idea, well noted. Again many things are looked only from a man’s looking glass.

    • Qaiss: This is a good campaign, but the sad thing is women took part in this, not noting the issue! Is everyone accepting the fact that a woman should be put in the worker’s shoes? They live with us, every member of the family communicates with them on daily bases so what’s the deal here?

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