October 10, 2010

In My Purse

Posted in In My Purse at 1:02 AM by inspirationsbysd

In an attempt to revamp my makeup routine, which consisted of blusher, mascara and crayon eyeliner *boring!* I got me some eye shadows and lipsticks. Nothing special about them, except for the lipstick which I am loving!

The lipstick is by L’OREAL in Beyonce Red, it was recommended by Kandee Johnson the makeup artist so I gave it a try. The lipstick has two tubes, one with the lip color (very bright red but actually settles well on my skin I have a feeling it compliments most skin colors) the second tube has the conditioning balm which also helps the lipstick stay on. I love it because the lipstick actually does not smear (smeared red lipstick…no one wants that) and it lasts the whole day! Drink, eat or whatever it does not fade and to remove it you’ll need some makeup remover. I know there were so many versions of the long-lasting lipsticks but I never liked any, this one I’m actually liking, it hasn’t dried my lips so far so that’s a plus!

Oh and here are some of Kandee’s new Halloween looks, enjoy!


Sara D.

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