October 3, 2010

Toiletries at the Wedding Hall

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Ok, this is like insane attention to detail I know, but the guests at your wedding especially in Kuwait will unfortunately dissect every little detail in your wedding, so the last touches will help at times give your wedding an over all look that shows a well thought out wedding plan.

I have noticed, like many of you, that event planners are also focusing on the ladies’ room making sure it matches the theme of the wedding, by adding flowers, perfumes, accessories etc. It does seem a bit absurd to go to that length, but not so hard to apply. There are small details that will help such as adding a small basket of toiletries that your guests might need during the wedding, perfumes and you can also decorate it by adding these flower shaped soaps. You can place them in a big bowl between the sinks, perhaps adding crystals or pearls and letting the flower shaped soaps rest on the stones. The fact that they come in so many different colors and shapes also allows the bride to work with her theme as well, and if you don’t find your colors you can always email the owner and might be able to work something out especially for you.

Soap prices range from $5 to $16 and are sold on etsy.com

Rose shaped soap

Different shapes and colors of soap

Rose shaped soap

I would have used these for my wedding!


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    mashalla 3laich Sara i would never go that far in my dreams ๐Ÿ˜€ very neat ..

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