September 24, 2010

Lulu Photo Books

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Here are the results of my first photo book published by Lulu, my thoughts? It came in a hard cover (but there is a paperback option) the over all look of the book is great! There is a caption option beneath the pictures, I love that you can arrange the pictures whichever way you like BUT some of the pictures looked like they’ve been printed in a colored newspaper or a cheap magazine.

For my second photo book I will give Apple a try to see how that works out, I have a feeling that the Apple book will be printed in better quality than this one, but we’ll see!
Here are some pictures from the book, so you can judge the quality yourself:

Hard cover photo book

Black & White print

Color print

Back of hardcover


Sara D.

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  1. […] laptop. I don’t want to run the risk of having all these memories erased *eeek!* so I tried Lulu the first time, my amazing brother who has a knack for photography reminded me that Apple also […]

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