September 23, 2010

CL Anemone Birthday Cakes

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My Favorite Shoe :*

I don’t know if all those who appreciate Christian Louboutin’s work would agree on this, but Anemone is one of his best creations ever, second after that is the Tahiti, so of course every girl would want to celebrate her birthday with that shoe propped on her cake! hehe

On my sister’s birthday last August I decided to order a cake with a Fuchsia Anemone by Christian Louboutin placed on a gold cushion from Opera. I sent them detailed information on how the shoe has to look (I spent an hour in the bakery lifting my shoe to point out the red soles :/) and sent them countless pictures of the shoe…well I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here is the result for the cake that I ordered.

Opera's version of the Anemone shoe

And then my cousin celebrated her birthday this month (Happy Birthday!! :*) and the order was placed in Chocolate Bar, this was their work (mashalla)

Chocolate Bar version of the Anemone shoe

Chocolate Bar Anemone Bday Cake

I love the iridescent/pearl white on the bows, gives off a satin finish and really appreciate their attention to detail, lovely work. So what do you all think of the cakes? Which bakery did a better job at replicating the Christian Louboutin shoe “Anemone”? ;P


Sara D.

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