September 18, 2010

Wild Flowers in Your Wedding

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I decided to create this blog for several reasons, one of which I felt that we can use a wedding blog in Kuwait, there are so many ideas out there. Some inexpensive and can help the bride save up on some areas of the wedding and spend on other things. Plus I hope that it might encourage brides to basically do their “thing” on their special day, and forget what people around you might say.

Trust me I got so many negative comments from relatives but I ended up doing it my way, and it might seem to them like a total disaster but to me? I had a BLAST! So here is hoping you’d have a blast at your wedding to!

I love the idea of incorporating wild flowers or inexpensive flowers into center pieces or “koshas” especially if the flower means something to the bride. It brings a much-needed personal touch to a ritual that is performed on daily basis, so bringing in a part of you to the event is truly a breath of wildly blooming air!

My personal favorite tree/flower is the Bouganvilla:

Maybe it is because it used to crawl over the fence at our old home where I grew up, or maybe because my eyes got used to seeing the Magenta/Fuchsia flowers hugging the white houses in Spain? Whatever it is, I love this tree. I really wanted to incorporate it into my wedding, but the short amount of time we had meant it was difficult to bring this plant into our wedding. Here are some lovely images I took of this tree during our vacations.

Bougainvillea in Crete, Greece

Bougainvillea in Capri, Italy

Bougainvillea in Capri, Italy

An other flower is Lavender:

Fragrant and looks fresh if placed in a white bucket, think white linens, Laura Ashley. I love how this flower smells, and I cannot help but associating it with freshness and cleanliness for some reason, I got this image off of the internet:

Jasmine, is an other flower that would captivate the guests with its’ scent. Let it cascade over your centerpieces with pearls, image from the internet as well:

Here are other flowers used by November that are inexpensive but look lovely nonetheless:


Sara D.


  1. Noor said,

    Hello sara 🙂

    for me ur blog is so amazing i loved the idea and u chosen a very beautiful pictures plus am flower person ;p i love flowers in every occasion

    good luck and i hope this blog help many Kuwaiti girls and women


    • Noor: Thanks for the nice words! 🙂 I know I am just so in love with flowers in almost every trip I have to take pictures of flowers lol
      Thanks again 🙂

  2. […] will notice I love the Bougainvillea tree hehe you can pretty much find it everywhere in the Mediterranean but I still stop to take picture […]

  3. […] know how much I love it when flowers are included in everything from fashion to food I, food II and beyond! hehe so of course I had a jaw dropping experience when I first laid my eyes on Monique […]

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