September 17, 2010

Photo Books

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Ah the age of digital cameras! It made life easier in so many levels, you don’t have to worry about no film in the camera, no more waiting for the flash signal to come up, and you certainly do not have to worry about taking a bad picture because of a simple button that was added to the camera…the DELETE button! Of course even with all these benefits some people still want to go back to the old fashion way of taking pictures, and I am sure all this reminiscing does not have  to do with the quality of the pictures, but mainly because at the end you can just drop off your film to have it developed and voilà! Your entire Summer vacation memories are in your hands!

Sure the digital camera gave us the opportunity to share our holiday pictures on Facebook, Twitter and BBM but there are pictures you simply cannot share. Intimate moments between your loved ones cannot be uploaded and placed in an album on Facebook no matter what your privacy settings are! So where am I going with this? Well, I have been thinking of some of the candid pictures of our wedding as well as honeymoon pictures and I wanted to have them printed until I decided a better way is to publish them on a “photo book”. I used Lulu to design my first photo book and publish it, I basically gathered all the candid shots that did not go into my official wedding album and put it in this book. It is a great way of printing your pictures, not just wedding pictures but every event on your iPhoto can be put into a book. I think it makes it easier to look through these pictures and bring back memories, my husband got me a digital frame but I am loving this old school way of keeping your digital photos.

Quality wise, I am still not sure, as I have just placed my first order but will update you once the book arrives!


Sara D.


  1. Pedro/T said,

    Love This Photography Post Sis and yes Thats the Reason i still love film

    and its much easier these days you can buy a Film Scanner and at Home you can place your Negatives on the Scanner with there holders and start scanning and Digitalizing them

    and btw you can order your Photo book from Apple you design it in iPhoto

    You can create your book with words and photos and a small simple card for anniversary..

    you find the book and cards on the menu bellow

    • Pedro: oh yea I remember you showing me the apple books, hatha nafs al shay you can write captions and stuff…let me see the quality if its bad, i’ll try apple, Thanks! 😀

  2. Summer said,

    I haven’t tried lulu, but I think I’ll stick to using normal albums.
    Tell me what happens when you get the book!


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