September 13, 2010

Personalized Candy

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As I have previously posted here and here I enjoy personalizing pretty much everything, and please lets not delve into my narcissistic psyche moving along… I pretty much swayed back and forth over these personalized candy to place in bowls on the tables at the wedding. One thing that put me off was that personalized M&M’s is so yesterday and I do not like to label myself as trendy, but seriously it’s been over done I believe.

I still played with the thought of just having the bride and groom’s name and maybe the flower theme of the wedding (instead of their pictures), it looks nice, don’t you think?

I just chose random names for this post

Love Peonies and love the color combo

An other way to personalize candy is through  Hershey’s chocolate wrapper.

Bride & Groom's name in front

Wedding date in the back

Personalized Hershey's

I like the original Hershey’s wrapper because at first glance you would think it is the regular bar of chocolate and then the guests will notice that they are personalized with the bride and groom’s names. When you use personalized candy at your wedding, you do run the risk of reaching the borders of a kiddy’s birthday party, but making sure everything else is sophisticated will do.


Sara D.


  1. Maram said,

    Ohh I love those and really amazing for baby showers soo cute :))

    • Maram: yea ur right, would be cool for baby showers :))
      I remember for my nephew’s baby shower we ordered personalized fortune cookies and placed them in small chinese takeout boxes and blue ribbons, so cute! hehe

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