September 10, 2010

UGGS Still FUGGly :/

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Ok this means that not even Jimmy Choo can make UGGS look better, seriously? Animal prints and fringe on a clunky clown shoes? Oh there is no hope for UGGS! Truly disappointed :/ I’ll just purchase the regular durable snow UGG boots, rather than spending $500+ on these ugly shoes :s

Jimmy Choo UGGS

Jimmy Choo UGGS

Jimmy Choo UGGS

If you like them (hey no one is judging! :P) you can pre order these boots here Jimmy Choo

Sara D.


  1. Bree said,

    LOL. Australians (from where these fugly boots originated) cannot believe that Americans with so called “style” actually go outside the house with them !!. They are reserved for INSIDE the home. Only a certain “type of person” wears these in public.

    • THANK YOU! haha and it just boggles me how people wear them all year round! The girls in Kuwait (desert climate) wear them all the time, and they all claim to wear them for comfort, then whats next? Leaving the house in our pjs?

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