September 8, 2010

The Last Details of Your Wedding

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I love simple things that add ummph to a well planned wedding, there are simple tricks that your guests will appreciate and will not cost the Bride (or her parents!) a dime! (or Fils :P)

Such as garnishing a normal glass of water that is being served to your guests when they first arrive, or even their fruit juices, the pictures are for alcoholic drinks but can be applied to virgin drinks as well.

Adding a sugared flower to a glass of ice-cold water is a simple trick yet lovely, you can find these edible sugared flowers through websites such as the one I mentioned in my previous post Fancy Flours. You can also make your own ice cubes that will add a splash of color to your guest’s drink such as adding fresh berries to the ice-cube tray, or fresh rose petals (we served this in our punch bowl for my niece’s birthday shown below).

Here are pictures of normal drinks made beautiful with simple garnishing tricks, enjoy 🙂

My niece's first birthday, rose petal ice cubes served in the punch

Simple garnishing tricks

Simple sugared rose to make a drink pop out

Sugared flowers in glass of water

How to make fresh berry ice cubes

Strawberry ice cubes

For more ideas visit Dress the Drink


Sara D.


  1. ims85 said,

    Very nice and elgant idea, specially the fruits.

    • ims85: Thanks, I forgot to do that for my own wedding though lol would have been nice 😛

  2. newbride said,

    wooow loved it @@ 7asaaafa my wedding khala9 😉

    • Newbride: hehe ee mine too bs we do this even for birthday parties, dinners or a reception 😛

  3. […] who knows me would know how much I love it when flowers are included in everything from fashion to food I, food II and beyond! hehe so of course I had a jaw dropping experience when I first laid my eyes on […]

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